BIM, Bang, Boom

As key industries like aerospace and automotive have been the trailblazers for digital prototyping, digital and emersive engineering, 3D-Virtual and Augmented Reality these technologies have established there for quite some time and to a significantly high extent. In civil engineering this process started to bang on managers' heads very recently in the shape of BIM. This shortcut for Building Information Modelling resounds throughout the land and to a lot of parties being involved it is still not clear what this means to their so far very traditional approach. Even the striking benefits fall prey to the proven fact that around 80 % of the population have very low or even no spatial sense.

Another reason for "dissipation" is the timeline of budgets, where the lion's share is concentrated towards the end of the building cycle - most probably to be prepared for "change management" and claims and disputes. Up-to-date projects and developments are shown to give directions and show valueable benefits throughout the application of these new technologies.

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07/03/2017 - 3:15pm-07/03/2017 - 3:40pm
Convention Hall 1C
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