Deicing system advances by ice accretion modeling

Ice accretion on aircraft can cause major problems including loss of lift and incorrect measurements of flight speed. In the past, these events have in some cases led to aircraft crashing. While numerous anti-icing and de-icing technologies exist, each system currently available is unable to achieve all the properties that aircraft designers desire.

Over the past several years, Battelle has developed its patented HeatCoat technology as a retrofittable in-flight Ice Protection System (IPS). This system is designed to allow aircraft to fly in icing conditions that may otherwise require them to be grounded. The implementation of this system onto an airframe requires knowledge of ice accretion and heat transfer throughout the structure of aircraft. Therefore, accurate simulations of air flow around the aircraft in an icing environment are critical.

This presentation will cover how STAR-CCM+® has been used to predict ice accretion on a 3-dimensional wing and how these predictions allow Battelle engineers to design the HeatCoat system. It will further cover validations of the results.

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06/03/2017 - 5:30pm-06/03/2017 - 5:55pm
Convention Hall 1D
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Battelle Memorial Institute