Electronics system cooling: From 2D circuit to PCB

Electronics system cooling: Fujitsu and Siemens PLM Software will demonstrate an end-to-end workflow from 2D circuit to PCB electromagnetics and 3D thermal cooling

During the design process, the mechatronics engineer relies on results from a range of CAE tools in order to make decisions. Thermal loading, structural dynamics & electromagnetics are just a few of the types of physics which must be simulated as part of the process.

Traditionally, such a broad range of engineering disciplines would require a number of individuals with specialist knowledge of a particular area of physics, and associated CAE tools to set up and run the analyses.

If the CAE setup can be simplified, the analyses can be executed directly by the mechatronics engineer. Less people in the loop means a faster turnaround time for each design iteration, more designs can be evaluated, and a better product can be delivered.

This presentation looks at an end-to-end process; a workflow for taking a 2D circuit design from the Fujitsu engineering cloud, setting up in STAR-CCM+®, running the solver, and returning results of the full 3D thermal loading. Observers will note that due to the single integrated environment of STAR-CCM+, this streamlined process is fast and easy to execute; the mechatronics engineer is able to access highly valuable information in return for a relatively modest input.

Finally, the presentation will look at proposed steps to simplify the process even further.

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07/03/2017 - 11:10am-07/03/2017 - 11:35am
Room I
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Electronics & Electrification
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