Optimization of an outdoor LED lamp post heat sink

A CFD analysis using Optimate+ has resulted in a 30% cost reduction of serially produced heat sinks.

Cyclone Lighting provides superior quality lamp posts for outdoor environments. As part of the continuous research and innovation for efficient products, Cyclone teamed up with Creaform to optimize the heat sink of a new LED lamp post model. The project consisted of using CFD simulations and optimization algorithms to find the most effective heat sink design for this new product.

A multi-objective Pareto optimization was employed to completely characterise the behavior of pre-set heat sink dimensions on two competing objectives: the minimisation of the LEDs temperature and the minimisation of heat sink volume. A total of 13 parameters were varied throughout 400 simulations in order to define the “Pareto front” and direct the design towards much leaner and efficient heat sinks. With so many designs characterized, Creaform’s client had the opportunity to weight the impact of reducing the heat sink size on the maximal temperatures in the electronic components. Specifically, the client’s choice was reduced to two optimal designs: one that would keep the same heat dissipation performance compared to the baseline, while reducing the heat sink volume by 32%, or one that would produce a 2% temperature increase in the components but provide a 43% volume reduction. The project exceeded the engineering team’s expectations, allowing a much better understanding of the driving parameters of heat dissipation, a significant cost reduction for the serially produced heat sink and a greater flexibility in the design of a slick and lean product.

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07/03/2017 - 11:35am-07/03/2017 - 12:00pm
Room I
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Electronics & Electrification