Skoda external aerodynamic CFD workflow

As any other automotive company, Skoda solves the problem of an aerodynamic drag, lift and cooling mass flow optimization during a new car development process.

The problem is solved by both kinds of real road simulation - by a wind tunnel testing and by a CFD computation. In contrary to a most of automotive producers, Skoda has got a substantive obstacle - Skoda does not have its own wind tunnel. This condition motivates Skoda to develop the accurate, robust, user friendly and flexible CFD workflow in order to substitute the wind tunnel testing and to predict the drag,  lift and mass flow by a virtual computer simulation.

The Skoda external aero CFD workflow is based on the  STAR-CCM+® CFD software. The workflow is the mixture of the Vsim java macros by the Siemens PLM Software and the Skoda in-house Python scripts that communicates with the Skoda environment (databases, HPC, etc.).

The workflow provides twenty different regimes of boundary conditions that correspond to different development tasks like the drag minimization, the cooling package mass flow optimization, etc. More than hundred benchmark cases are used to verify and validate the functionality and the accuracy of the workflow.

The workflow is considered as a standard software application fulfilling the standard software life cycle (i.e. version release, maintaining, documentation, service desk, customer services).

The workflow has been created by the migration from the former workflow based on the ANSYS Fluent CFD software. The migration process lasted only one year.

The most difficult task of the workflow development is the sufficient accuracy of the CFD simulation. The task is solved through a decision tree aid using algorithms from the artificial intelligence field.

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