Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating SCORG©

Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating the SCORG© rotor grid generator in STAR-CCM+

Air-oil fluid flow in gearboxes is a highly dynamic process with complex motions to be represented. Fluid dynamics in detail in gearboxes is still a poorly understood issue although it has significant concern in a wide range of industries.

The enhanced overset meshing capability that allows for multiple overlapping overset zones in STAR-CCM+®, coupled with multiphase flow based on the VOF method, offers the necessary simulation environment for handling complex simulation problems such as rotating gear systems. With the overset methodology particularly fluid flow  in the intermeshing gear regions can be well presented. But overset methodology requires laborious meshing techniques and the computations are very time and working memory consuming.

The specialised rotor grid generator software SCORG© offers an interesting alternative solution for rigid body motion instead of using the overset methodology. The integration of the SCORG© meshing technique in STAR-CCM+ allows the access of all the capabilities for multiphase fluid flow in the simulation environment. A comparison of both motion methodologies concerning oil flow simulation results for a spur-gear system will be presented. Rotational time costs will be discussed as well as torque, flow, and pressure data.

Ludwig Berger
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07/03/2017 - 9:45am-07/03/2017 - 10:10am
Room II
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CFD Schuck Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH