Multiphase simulation of external water management

One development goal of the Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic department is to achieve a favorable external water management in order to increase both safety and comfort during heavy rain conditions. In the last years the importance and application of CFD for the reduction of aerodynamic drag and aero-acoustic noise is growing strongly. Increasing computational power and maturity of physical models lead to the attempt to use CFD also for the prediction of vehicle soiling instead of pure wind tunnel testing.

Simulations of high speed trains

Simulations of high-speed trains under different cross-wind configurations

Today, in Europe, the cross-wind stability of high speed trains must be validated by wind tunnel tests. Wind tunnel tests are usually performed on 1:25 scale models of 2-3 car trains. The legitimacy of the results can be questioned as:

1) The Reynolds numbers are smaller than at full scale,

2) The relative motion of the trains is ignored as the models are static,

3) The air inlets and outlets are not taken into account, and

Simulating atmospheric boundary layer for trucks

The application of an atmospheric boundary layer to evaluate truck aerodynamics in CFD