Deicing system advances by ice accretion modeling

Ice accretion on aircraft can cause major problems including loss of lift and incorrect measurements of flight speed. In the past, these events have in some cases led to aircraft crashing. While numerous anti-icing and de-icing technologies exist, each system currently available is unable to achieve all the properties that aircraft designers desire.

Application of STAR-CCM+ to helicopter rotor hover

STAR-CCM+® Navier-Stokes solver has been applied to helicopter rotors in hover. Two tip planforms were analyzed: S-76 rotor with a swept tip and a swept tip with anhedral. The solidity of the three rotors was matched. Calculations have been done for a range of pitch settings. Comparisons of the measurements against computed thrust, power, and figure of merit values have been done. Where available, comparisons with other calculations. The simulations are in reasonable agreement with published data for the thrust, power, and figure of merit.

Analysis of distributed electric propulsion

Lilium Aviation is a German start-up which develops, manufactures and distributes the worlds first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet. The revolutionary efficient and patented distributed propulsion system allows ranges of 500km at top speeds exceeding 350km/h.