Optimization of passenger individual air nozzles

Modern commercial aircraft have sophisticated systems to provide a save, healthy and comfortable environment for the passengers. These systems mostly operate invisible in the background, but the passengers can exert also direct control over their individual thermal environment by adjusting the air flow provided by nozzles in the overhead stowage compartment. Being only an optional system, the individual air nozzles received not much attention in the past and feature a high pressure loss, which are also a cause for flow noise.

Dynamic stability of a manned VTOL aircraft

LILIUM AVIATION is a German start-up which develops, manufactures and distributes the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet. The revolutionary efficient and patented distribution propulsion system allows ranges of 500 km at top speeds exceeding 350 km/h.

Deicing system advances by ice accretion modeling

Ice accretion on aircraft can cause major problems including loss of lift and incorrect measurements of flight speed. In the past, these events have in some cases led to aircraft crashing. While numerous anti-icing and de-icing technologies exist, each system currently available is unable to achieve all the properties that aircraft designers desire.