Skoda external aerodynamic CFD workflow

As any other automotive company, Skoda solves the problem of an aerodynamic drag, lift and cooling mass flow optimization during a new car development process.

Multiphase simulation of external water management

One development goal of the Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic department is to achieve a favorable external water management in order to increase both safety and comfort during heavy rain conditions. In the last years the importance and application of CFD for the reduction of aerodynamic drag and aero-acoustic noise is growing strongly. Increasing computational power and maturity of physical models lead to the attempt to use CFD also for the prediction of vehicle soiling instead of pure wind tunnel testing.

CFD simulation of a viscous coupling

Simulation results and validation measurements of a viscous coupling are presented. The analyzed Visco® clutch of MAHLE Behr is used to control the speed of the cooling fan of heavy duty trucks. It consists of a driven primary disc and a secondary housing with an engine cooling fan mounted on it. Highly viscous oil is pumped into small channels between these parts. Therefore, the fan speed depends on the amount of oil and its distribution within the clutch.