Biomedical Devices

Easy-to-use miniaturized blood-sampling device

In modern society, taking a blood sample from a patient became the key factor in verifying any possible abnormal health status. Due to a possible high risk of spreading an infection, a professional with medical experience usually performs the blood sampling. Afterwards, the sample is send to a laboratory for further analysis and the results are submitted to the medical doctor, who discusses the outcome with the patient in a private environment. These steps are very common in the western world, but are far out of reach for developing countries.

Coupled acoustic and flow simulations of an ultras

Endress+Hauser Flowtec offers different flow meters for the process industry which are based on different physics principle, such as Coriolis, Ultrasonic and magnetic-inductive. In order to build a model of the complete behavior of the flow meters, the flow field simulations are not sufficient. For instance, for modelling an Ultrasonic flow meter, one requires to couple flow fields with the acoustics field to account for coupled physical effects.