Use of CFD to improve wastewater treatment plants

Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company that serves clients globally in the energy and industrial sectors. Pöyry being a “connected company”, applies Computational Fluid Dynamics as a tool to solve complex engineering problems that tangent a broad spectrum of its engineering services worldwide. Current presentation is focused on waste water treatment plants and the way how various issues are analyzed and resolved using CFD.  

Dynamic modeling of a mine shaft lift conveyance

Mine conveyance systems are essential for transporting equipment and personnel deep underground via vertical shafts which can be in excess of 1km deep. The shaft that the conveyance systems run in are required to perform a multitude of functions including housing the main conveyance system, supplying fresh air to the workers underground and as an umbilical cord providing water and electricity services from the surface.

CFD for datacentre cooling optimization

Datacentres are a growth area as the demand in the global market for data storage and processing resource increases. However, all this power hungry equipment generates a significant amount of heat which has to be carefully managed to ensure it runs properly.  Sustainability is also an important factor to consider with more and more information now being moved into centralised datacentres, putting a strain on energy costs and increasing carbon footprint.