Three case studies on STAR-CCM+

cDynamics is a small consultancy company with with employees. We work with specialized projects within general numerical analysis, CFD and FEA, mostly directed towards marine, offshore and aquaculture industry.

Full-scale self-propulsion calculations

Full-scale self-propulsion calculations including roughness effects and validation with sea trial data

A number of studies into the physical modelling for the calculation of wake fields for ships with high block coefficient have been performed at ibmv. The models that are found to provide a good wake prediction are typically considered to be not suitable for ship resistance predictions.

Validation and application for semi-planing crafts

In recent years, the Office of Naval Research of the United State Navy has initiated a specific task aiming to accurately predict dynamic ship response and impact loads through two-phase computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations for use in improving semi-planing ship design. As with proper CFD practices, validation must be shown before the computed pressure and impact loads can be used in the structural analysis of the ship.