Using Optimate and STAR-CCM+ to #BringTheCupHome

Land Rover BAR are on a quest to Bring The Cup Home; a challenge to win the 35th America's Cup from the Defenders and bring it home to Britain where it all started in 1851. In the push to develop the fastest foiling, flying multihull, the latest cutting edge technology must be used. This includes using Optimate to run many different STAR-CCM+® simulations to drive the design towards an optimum set up for a range of conditions.

Modeling of 2D irregular waves on a sloped bottom

The present work explains and validates a method to numerically reproduce two dimensional  irregular sea states in a wave basin without knowing the paddle motion and with the only the wave elevation measured at the inlet of the wave tank. The free surface elevation is numerically treated, a cut off to the spectrum was applied reduce the number of frequencies is applied and finally a linear reflection analysis is then tapplied with the assumption that the free surface elevation at any location in the domain can be described by a Fourier series.