Modeling of in-cylinder flow using overset mesh

Overset mesh has gained popularity in modeling applications with complicated geometries due to its flexibility in handling arbitrary motion. This paper presents a study on application of overset mesh for in-cylinder flow using STAR-CCM+®. Different mesh strategies were investigated including trim, poly, and direct mesh. It was found that the results are similar from different mesh while ploy mesh overall produces more robust results than trim mesh.

In-cylinder simulation in STAR-CCM+

An updated road map of in-cylinder migration from STAR-CD® into STAR-CCM+® will be presented. Material will include the current status of migration activities, upcoming critical events, and a demonstration of the latest version of the upcoming add-on for setting up in-cylinder simulations in STAR-CCM+.

Dual fuel engine charge motion & combustion study

With increasingly strict emissions legislation, an alternative to conventional fuel is natural gas. It is available in abundance, cheaper than Diesel and gasoline and most importantly, releases less greenhouse gases (CO2) during combustion due to higher H/C ratio. The dual fuel engine with natural gas as primary fuel and Diesel as secondary fuel for pilot injection is a promising concept for future reciprocating engines. However, due to slow flame propagation in leaner (Φ~0.6) fuel/air ratios, combustion remains incomplete releasing CO, formaldehyde, and unburnt CH4.