Multi-scale modeling of fluid bed granulation

Aligned with the FDA and pharmaceutical industry's efforts to implement the quality by design paradigm and incorporate design-based principles to both new and existing manufacturing processes, this work aims to move towards a predictive model-based analysis to establish a process design space linking critical process parameters and formulation properties to critical quality attributes.

Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating SCORG©

Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating the SCORG© rotor grid generator in STAR-CCM+

Air-oil fluid flow in gearboxes is a highly dynamic process with complex motions to be represented. Fluid dynamics in detail in gearboxes is still a poorly understood issue although it has significant concern in a wide range of industries.

CFD modeling of gas-liquid cylindrical cyclones

The Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone (GLCC) is one of the main alternative of conventional vessel-type separators of a two-phase gas-liquid mixture, since it is more compact, simple and has a lower footprint. The main objective of this study is to use CFD modelling, in  STAR-CCM+® software using VOF model, in order to evaluate the effect of geometrical modifications in the reduction of LCO and GCU.