Optimization of an outdoor LED lamp post heat sink

A CFD analysis using Optimate+ has resulted in a 30% cost reduction of serially produced heat sinks.

Cyclone Lighting provides superior quality lamp posts for outdoor environments. As part of the continuous research and innovation for efficient products, Cyclone teamed up with Creaform to optimize the heat sink of a new LED lamp post model. The project consisted of using CFD simulations and optimization algorithms to find the most effective heat sink design for this new product.

Piston bowl optimization using STAR-CD and HEEDS

A multi-objective optimization is carried out to drive bowl shape and injector optimization of a CI engine for automotive application.

Both full-load and part-load operations are simulatenously accounted for in the optimization loop in order to cover a reasonably broad range of engine operations.

Performance optimization of a heat exchanger

Performance optimization of an automotive heat exchanger using Sherpa's method (HEEDS)

Nowadays simulation can be used at different levels of the development process and has demonstrated in many cases its ability to reduce both time and cost for studies: prototypes, mock-up and tests can be reduced to a limited number of pre-selected solutions after a numerical study.