Using Optimate and STAR-CCM+ to #BringTheCupHome

Land Rover BAR are on a quest to Bring The Cup Home; a challenge to win the 35th America's Cup from the Defenders and bring it home to Britain where it all started in 1851. In the push to develop the fastest foiling, flying multihull, the latest cutting edge technology must be used. This includes using Optimate to run many different STAR-CCM+® simulations to drive the design towards an optimum set up for a range of conditions.

Parametric modeling of a propulsive system

Parametric modeling and optimization of a marine propulsive system using STAR-CCM+, OPTIMATE+ and CAESES

The aim of the study is to generate a fully-parametric marine propeller and propulsion system geometry to optimize the efficiency of the propeller using STAR-CCM+ and Optimate+ by CD-adapco.

Optimizing a marine propulsive system is a difficult task mainly caused by the complexity of the propeller geometry and its parametrization.

Optimization of passenger individual air nozzles

Modern commercial aircraft have sophisticated systems to provide a save, healthy and comfortable environment for the passengers. These systems mostly operate invisible in the background, but the passengers can exert also direct control over their individual thermal environment by adjusting the air flow provided by nozzles in the overhead stowage compartment. Being only an optional system, the individual air nozzles received not much attention in the past and feature a high pressure loss, which are also a cause for flow noise.