Full-scale self-propulsion calculations

Full-scale self-propulsion calculations including roughness effects and validation with sea trial data

A number of studies into the physical modelling for the calculation of wake fields for ships with high block coefficient have been performed at ibmv. The models that are found to provide a good wake prediction are typically considered to be not suitable for ship resistance predictions.

Parametric modeling of a propulsive system

Parametric modeling and optimization of a marine propulsive system using STAR-CCM+, OPTIMATE+ and CAESES

The aim of the study is to generate a fully-parametric marine propeller and propulsion system geometry to optimize the efficiency of the propeller using STAR-CCM+ and Optimate+ by CD-adapco.

Optimizing a marine propulsive system is a difficult task mainly caused by the complexity of the propeller geometry and its parametrization.

Self-propulsion simulation with a pre-swirl stator

The ever ongoing quest for more efficient propulsion in the marine sector leads to the development and improvement of energy saving devices such as a pre-swirl stator.  Wärtsila has joined this quest to lower fuel consumption will reduce operating costs and emissions. The targeted market segments are bulk carriers and container ships.