Aerodynamic crossing tramways in tunnel

Aerodynamic crossing tramways in tunnel by CFD

Alstom designs and manufactures a wide range of trains. The aerodynamic specific topic of tunnel entry and crossing trains in tunnel is an important design topic for high speed train in terms of tympanic comfort and structure load because of complex pressure waves.

Simulations of high speed trains

Simulations of high-speed trains under different cross-wind configurations

Today, in Europe, the cross-wind stability of high speed trains must be validated by wind tunnel tests. Wind tunnel tests are usually performed on 1:25 scale models of 2-3 car trains. The legitimacy of the results can be questioned as:

1) The Reynolds numbers are smaller than at full scale,

2) The relative motion of the trains is ignored as the models are static,

3) The air inlets and outlets are not taken into account, and