Simulating Systems

Multiphase model for a car windshield wiper system

In designing the cleaning system for the front wind screen of a car, many aspects of functionality as well as aesthetics are considered. A good design should ensure full coverage of the wind screen with wiper liquid, with subsequent complete removal of liquid and dirt. This should be done with a minimum consumption of liquid, without sloshing liquid over the A-pillar, leaving runnings or pulling liquid back onto the screen after wiping. It should also be noiseless and invisible when not in use.

Design exploration of a DLN Hydrogen combustor

Development and automated design exploration of a novel Dry Low NOx Hydrogen combustion technology for gas turbine applications

Using Optimate and STAR-CCM+ to #BringTheCupHome

Land Rover BAR are on a quest to Bring The Cup Home; a challenge to win the 35th America's Cup from the Defenders and bring it home to Britain where it all started in 1851. In the push to develop the fastest foiling, flying multihull, the latest cutting edge technology must be used. This includes using Optimate to run many different STAR-CCM+® simulations to drive the design towards an optimum set up for a range of conditions.