Oil splash simulation in final drive with Overset

The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the biggest challenges to the automotive industry. An optimally designed driveline with effective cooling and lubrication provides substantial CO2 reduction. The cooling and lubrication performance is critical to the functionality and durability of vehicle drive units, such as transmissions and differentials. Final drive includes gears, bearings and shafts to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. Final Drives rely on splash lubrication where the oil flow is driven by the rotation of the gears and guided to important positions.

Numerical modeling of twin-screw pumps using CFD

Increasing demands for high-performance screw pumps in oil and gas as well as other applications require deep understanding of the fluid flow inside the machine. Important effects on the performance such as dynamic losses, influence of the leakage gaps, presence and extent of cavitation are difficult to observe by experiments. However, it is possible to study such effects using well validated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models.

Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating SCORG©

Speed-up gearbox simulations by integrating the SCORG© rotor grid generator in STAR-CCM+

Air-oil fluid flow in gearboxes is a highly dynamic process with complex motions to be represented. Fluid dynamics in detail in gearboxes is still a poorly understood issue although it has significant concern in a wide range of industries.